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Naukri.com, Shine.com, Monster and Careerbuilders are nice, but wouldn't it be great to have your very own job portal on your website?

That's exactly what you get with the E Solution Applicant Portal. Staffers can post job openings right from their desk and job candidates can browse through your openings from the comfort of their home.

Need an application kiosk? Applicant Portal is web-based, so the applicants can apply to jobs from any computer that's connected to the internet! This is perfect for a kiosk that's set up in your office, at a customer location or even at the mall!

It's customizable and extremely easy to use. Complete with a questionnaire, you can filter out unqualified candidates with a series of questions that the applicant must answer while applying. And, like all E Solution software, the questionnaire is fully customizable.

What if your candidate already has a resume? Applicant Portal has a resume parsing engine that "reads" the resume and automatically loads the information into E Solution. How's that for easy? A candidate can literally have their information loaded into E Solution within minutes.

E Solution Applicant Portal is:
• Well-designed visually
• Fully integrated into the employment brand of the recruiting organization
• Extremely fast and responsive
• Really good at parsing resumes/CVs
• Really good at minimizing candidate input

We built it this way because the best job candidates are quite demanding, and in fact they will quickly bail out of any online application process that doesn’t respect them or their time.

Having an applicant portal could literally make or break your staffing company. Once you have it installed, you'll wonder how you ever got along without it.

We look forward to serving your software, funding and back office needs.

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